Race 1

Dwarf, Hill: The Praeds of Praeding (or The Angutsut of Akkukitut)

A people that aspire to balance and honor, they thrive in a place too cold for treacherous ambitions and unforgiving of risks. They are pragmatic and relaxed both, as their culture firmly instills in them from an early age that their lives are impermanent and to be forgotten, but necessary as trees and fish and birds are. A praed (or angut) strives to find a natural cycle in which to live, and is wary of threats to this cycle. To the outside world, the praeds are friendly and generous, if dull of passion. Most praeds do not concern themselves with the opinions of outsiders, who do not cleave to the Praeding way.

Appearance: Unlike the dwarves of D&D, the Praeds are tall (averaging between 5’8” and 6’8”). They have longer arms than most, and a tendency towards hunched shoulders and shelf brows. Their skin tends towards a natural tan, though the skin of Praed tribes that live far from their coasts can be dark as mahogany. They are built thick with fat to endure the cold, with average weights between 150 and 250 pounds

Rules: Increase movement speed by 5 feet, remove darkvision; the Praeds are not short, nor are they nocturnal.

Names: Male – Aajono, Ahen, Aili, Ako, Aluna, Alesena, Anigee, Aqalos, Aauau, Az. Female – Aalel, Ahenel, Aili, Alunal, Amaqaso, Aodai, Aq, Arasi, Atinudel

Language: Praedtongue (or Aluk)

Race 1

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